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Beyond the Pen
Feb. 18, 2022

Who is Black Wall Street?

Who is Black Wall Street?
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   In this episode, we talk to the author, tv host, political analyst, and CEO of DMGlobal Marketing and Public Relations, Doni Glover, about his book I AM Black Wall Street. We talk about where a 500-year continuum of freedom colonies grew into Black Wall Street's entrepreneurial spirit. You'll find that Mr. Glover counters the mainstream thought with a book highlighting some little-known slave insurrections across the Western Hemisphere and their leaders from South America to Spanish Florida.   He goes deep into the history of freedom or maroon colonies, havens for escaped enslaved people in Venezuela, Mexico, throughout the Caribbean, and yes, in the US, too. We'll even touch on how there are so many different books on the destruction of the Greenwood District, but none on the creation. So if you're interested in history, especially black history, this is the episode for you.

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Doni GloverProfile Photo

Doni Glover

Author/ CEO/ Journalist

I am a multi-media journalist who decided one day over 20 years ago to run my operation:
DMGlobal Marketing & Public Relations, LLC. I publish BmoreNews.com, BlackUSA.News, & ThePrinceGeorgian.com. I also help improve clients' visibility, beginning in Baltimore.

The community is significant to me. This includes James Mosher Baseball in West Baltimore.
Community-driven. Whether it's East Baltimore or Randallstown, I try to stay involved in the community. This means showing up for James Mosher Baseball. It also means visiting the Bea Gaddy Center on North Chester Street or the Men and Families Center on E. Jefferson Street. Finally, it means doing whatever is necessary to help make the community better!

Journalists like Charles Robinson, Gregory Kane & R.B. Jones trained me on accountability.
Accountability. Part of my tasks includes holding leaders' feet to the fire. Journalists like Charles Robison, Gregory Kane, and R. B. Jones trained me to hold elected officials accountable - from the Governor to the Mayor to the Councilperson. No free passes.