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Beyond the Pen
March 21, 2023

The Raising of a Rebel: Overcoming Addiction, Finding Wisdom, and Inspiring Others with Author and BrandFace Founder, Tonya Eberhart

The Raising of a Rebel: Overcoming Addiction, Finding Wisdom, and Inspiring Others with Author and BrandFace Founder, Tonya Eberhart

In this episode of Beyond the Pen, Host Maccabee Griffin sits down with BrandFace founder and author Tonya Eberhart about her father's memoir "The Raising of a Rebel: 12 Turning Points from a Child of Alcoholics. They discuss the impact of growing up in the 50s in a family of moonshiners and alcoholics and how this normalized life of swirling chaos impacted his viewpoints on parenting his children. Tonya's father, Gene Odom, shares his journey from drug and alcohol addiction to the triumphant recovery from generational trauma that helped him and his children find success in their own lives. Join us for a candid, humorous, and inspiring conversation while learning the importance of understanding our own stories can move us forward on this episode of Beyond the Pen.

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Some of the things we discuss in this episode are:

  •  Introduction of guest Tonya Eberhart and her memoir, "The Raising of a Rebel." 
  • How being brought up with alcoholics and moonshine runners impacted Tonya's father's views on parenting.
  • Discussion on sibling rivalry and how Tonya and her younger brother fought but were protective of each other
  • Overcoming generational trauma and mental health issues within the family
  • The impact of basketball on the family and their entrepreneurial mindset
  • Normalization of drug and alcohol addiction within Tonya's father's life
  • Inside jokes and father-daughter bonding moments
  • Exploring the purpose of memoirs and their significance
  • Fun character creation improv and learning more about the author
  • Overcoming writing Kryptonite and hearing quotes of inspiration
  • What's next for Tonya and her upcoming projects
  • Shameless self-promotion and where to find Tonya's book

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Words spoken are but paper but written, they are captured for all time. I can't explain why, but that thought was in my mind the day I called my dad and approached him with the idea of writing his story first. It's an incredible story, incredibly sad, funny, tragic, and real. Second, it's a story I want my children and my future grandchildren to know in all its glory and its pain.

When I first approached him with the idea of this book, it was the spring of 2019. I was in Columbus, Ohio at the time, and I called him and said, dad, I have an idea now to those who know me well, that would create a slightly alarming feeling. I have never been known for small ideas. When I told him that I wanted to write his memoir, I couldn't even hear crickets through the phone line for about eight seconds.

Now, to those who know my dad, well, you'd know silence isn't one of his primary traits. When he finally spoke, his voice was tight, and I could envision him slumping his shoulders and lifting his furrowed brow as he spoke these words. What have I done to deserve a. Immediately I knew it was something that had to happen.

Hello, are you beautiful people out there and the ethos of the literary world. We are live with a new author and a new story to help those creative juices flow a lot better. Today we are here with a young lady who's helped hundreds of clients position and present the. Uniquely to, uh, attract their ideal prospects and turn their purpose into profit.

But we're not here to talk about that. No, no, no, no, no, no. We are here to talk about a man by the name of Gene Odom. A man who was raised by alcoholic moonshiners in the mountains of North Georgia, a man whose tumultuous childhood high school basketball stardom and some very questionable choices shaped him into the man he is today.

A man who's today's guest calls dad. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the brand molder and the rebel herself, Tonya Eberhart. Tonya, welcome to the show. 

Thank you, Maccabee. What a great introduction. I love it. I love it. My dad would love that introduction.

Well, you know what? You should make sure that he hears this, so it'll be really, I certainly will.

So, besides the things that I've obviously spoken about, about you and your your dad, could you please introduce yourself to my beautiful book-loving listeners, and tell us something we can't find about you either on the internet, personal, or anything of that nature that you are willing to give up. 

All right. Okay. So, hello, beautiful people. Um, so yes, uh, as you guys were, are going here today, uh, I grew up in the North Georgia Mountains as well. What is not out there in the real world for people to know is I'm also a basketball enthusiast. My dad for my fourth birth, Day my mom and dad gave me a basketball and put up a goal for me in our yard, and basketball was a great passion for me for a long time, so wasn't quite good enough to make it into the college scene.

And, and, uh, you know, my, my son still insists to me that there's no such thing as a W N B A, which we need to have a talk about that one day. So , but I love basketball and, uh, and that's probably something most people do not know about.

Well if they read the book, I think they get a little bit of a hint of that in there at the beginning. But you know, that's always fun cuz it's funny because I live in Indiana and you know how this state is, it's nothing but basketball. Everywhere. And it drives me nuts. Mainly just because they used to call me, uh, "Fieldgoal" because when I did uh, uh, free throws, it would literally go over the backboard

That's great. 

That, yeah, a little bit of my own tumultuous torture of a childhood. But anyways, I digress. So one of the things I really wanted to do is I'm gonna set this, this man up, cuz this man is, Interesting to say the least. There's, there's a lot of other words that could, we could express about your dad because he is honestly an amazing man for what he went through and for the lifestyle that he, um, that he shows at an early age or was given.

Tonya EberhartProfile Photo

Tonya Eberhart

Autor / Speaker / Founder

Tonya Eberhart is an international bestselling author, speaker, podcaster, and founder of BrandFace. This global branding firm helps coaches & creators build profitable personal brands to change how they’re seen and charge what they’re worth.

She grew up in Dawsonville, a small North Georgia town best known for making moonshine and fueling the racing industry. This humble upbringing provided a curiosity for people from all walks of life and their choices. Which ultimately determines their destiny.

Tonya’s first published book was a collaboration with her daughter, Kati Eberhart, called Kati’s Journey (One Teen’s Journey to Japan), the first interactive book written by a U.S. teen. It shares Kati’s passion for Asian culture and chronicles their trip to Japan in 2012, featuring accounts from both mother and daughter.

She has also authored four books on personal branding designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs focus on their point of differentiation so they can stand out, out-market, and out-sell their competition.

Her sixth book, The Raising of a Rebel, is a memoir of her father, Gene Odom. It’s a story of his heartbreaking struggles and the effects of his upbringing as a child of alcoholics.

Her favorite statement is, “A great brand doesn’t just change the way others see you. It changes the way you see yourself.”