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Oct. 11, 2022

The Metaphysics of Paranormal with Guest Gare Allen

The Metaphysics of Paranormal with Guest Gare Allen

In This Episode...
Author Gare Allen gives us an insight into the spiritual world and the paranormal with a bit of help from our resident witch and spiritual advisor, Marccella. Gare shares how his levitating bed and other supernatural events impacted his life at 12. As he got older, he took a sabbatical at 22 to find himself. This led him into the world of metaphysics and a new norm of spiritual healing, just like our resident witch, Marccella. And if you're interested in getting your Palms read, Tarot, or anything else paranormal, we talk about how to tell the difference between the spiritually gifted and con artists. Plus so much more on this episode of Beyond the Pen.

We Discuss Things Like

  1. The Metaphysical World
  2. Some Red Flags
  3. The New Frontier
  4. Curiosity's B*tch
  5. Ah, Floridians
  6. Story Time
  7. Marccella's Gift
  8. And So Much More

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Gare Allen Profile Photo

Gare Allen


Gare Allen is an author from Tampa, Florida, and he attended the University of South Florida, where he discovered his passion for writing in a creative writing class. In his mid-20s, he studied metaphysics at a metaphysical academy focusing on reincarnation, astral projection, and divination. Since then, Gare has published fifteen books and achieved amazon's "best-seller" status on The Dead: A True Paranormal Story, Ghost Crimes, and Ghost Crimes Two: The Paranormal Enemy and Two's Company, Three's a Pack. His book, Haunted Tampa, is a collection of haunted sites in the Tampa Bay area where he was born and still resides. 100% of the net proceeds are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project to support those who have given so much for us. Currently, he's writing a screenplay and working on the third installment of his Ghost Crimes series.