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Beyond the Pen
April 18, 2023

The Journey of an Author: What Podcasters Want to Know

The Journey of an Author: What Podcasters Want to Know

In This Episode
Join us in this episode of Beyond the Pen as Maccabee takes us through his recent experiences at the local book fair in Indianapolis, his completion of editing another non-fiction book for the MediaCasters, and his upcoming interviews with new authors and publishing experts. Along the way, he shares his journey dealing with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures and the therapeutic benefits of writing. Don't miss out on Maccabee's inspiring words and encouragement to start your writing journey today!

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  • The Importance of the Author's Journey [00:02:58] Maccabee emphasizes the importance of sharing the author's journey and inspiration, and not just their book, to podcasters and media.


  • Dealing with Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures [00:05:57] Maccabee shares his personal journey of dealing with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures and how writing helps him relax.


  • Goals for the Podcast [00:08:55] Maccabee talks about his goals for the podcast, including creating partnerships, finding sponsors, and educating and inspiring listeners.

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Maccabee (00:00:00) - Hey folks, Maccabee here. Thank you for being here with me today. I was going to have the, uh, local book fair here in Indianapolis, uh, on today. However certain things happened, um, found out that we wanted to make something better, and it takes a little bit longer, but I promise you promise you it will be up, hopefully by next week. If not, it'll be up the next week. Um, but I wanted to come on here. I wanted to tell you guys that, uh, things are moving along. There are quite a bit of things actually going on. Um, first off, I finished editing my second book, uh, for the media casters. Um, this one was, um, interesting. It's a non-fiction book. And, uh, as soon as we get closer to the time, uh, for it to be, um, published, I will let you all know. Just know that it definitely is a intellectually intriguing, um, non-fiction, uh, book.


Maccabee (00:01:19) - But until that point, also wanted to let you guys know that, um, I am probably going to take at least a week or so off just to recover because man, there was a lot of books and man, there was a lot of people there. And, uh, I need some, a little bit of time, but don't worry, I have plenty of new authors and new experts in the publishing world, uh, RA scheduled up and, uh, we're going to have some fun with them. Um, I will let you know that there is going to be quite a bit of, uh, authors that I interviewed while I was at the, um, the Hamilton East Public Library, local author's book fair 2023. So probably for the next three weeks or so, you'll get at least, uh, three episodes. So yeah, three weeks every Tuesday. Um, and you're going to be hearing a little bit of their journey, their story, and it's their journeys That made it interesting for me, because that's something I want to really emphasize about this show, is that some people may see it as, oh, it's just another undiscovered author coming on telling us about their book.


Maccabee (00:02:50) - And no one wants to hear that, but no, no, no, no. Here, here's, here's where clarity needs to happen. And


Maccabee (00:02:58) - Maybe it's more me that needs to be clarified as well, but it's the journey that is what this platform is about. When I say that we bring unknown and newly published authors onto this podcast to learn about them, their books, and the story behind the story, that's what it means. It, it's not just about the books. We want to be able to share their journey, their inspirations, their kryptonite’s, their little, little tidbits of things you never knew about them, or he, you know, most people didn't know about them. And that's why we share it, because as an author, that's what we do. We tell stories, but we have to have some type of inspiration. We have to have some type of spark to get it going. That's a reason why I do this. That's another reason why I'm not only a voice actor that helps, you know, small businesses out with commercials or do does animated short films in different countries whenever they come up, you know, or an audiobook here and there.


Maccabee (00:04:19) - I do it because it's the journey that makes more sense than anything else that's more important. And I hope you guys can see that. So I wanna make this one short. Um, but I wanna at least give you guys some things to think about as, as authors, as readers, as book lovers, as book worms that are beautiful inside and out for the authors. When you publish your book, please make sure that you know that it's not the book that podcasters or the media want to know about. They want to know about you. They wanna know your story. That is what is going to intrigue us the most to sit down with you and say, Hey, I wanna know of something. So try to give people something to think about. So I'll give you an example. My name is McAfee Griffin. I am a writer, podcaster, voiceover actor, and I deal with psychogenic, non-epileptic seizures. And I use writing to calm myself down so I don't have them. Now, most people may think, okay, he's got it, he's a writer. Got it. He's a podcaster. Got it. He is a voice actor. Wait a minute, what was that thing about the psychogenic non-epileptic seizures? Yes, I have P N E S penis. I'm a male and I have a penis.


Maccabee (00:05:57) - What it means is basically that during my time in the service, getting close to getting blown up, excuse me, you have a tendency of becoming very jumpy at things. Or when your mind thinks that it's in a stressful or dangerous position, that it'll start to send signals to your muscles to cause spasms. Or in my case, it's not just the spasms in my body. I've had times where I can't even open my eyes so I can't see, or cuz they're blinking so much or I can't talk, or my neck decides that it wants to just try to break itself by, you know, going left to right really hard. You know, I've, they can last anywhere from a couple seconds to eight hours straight. I've had it and it sucks. It's the worst workout you ever have. Anyways, what I'm saying is that is something intriguing for me.


Maccabee (00:06:57) - That is something of mine that is a part of my journey. And the journey is what intrigues us enough to even get to the point of, oh, you, you do that? What type of things do you write? Well, I create characters, okay? I give one character a variety of different personality traits. I roll dice to figure out what genre I wanna put 'em in, and I create that story. And then just to shake things up, I'll change a personality trait, change a genre, and create an entirely different story for that character. Cuz that character's changed. That helps me to relax, that gives me some fun things that I'd love to do. And it, you know, gets my mind active on things. So that's my journey, that's my little story. And those are things that I write. That's why when I say your journey is important, your journey is what people connect with.


Maccabee (00:08:02) - And that's why I have this podcast. That's why I have this platform. That's why I bring people on to share their stories. The goal God willing, is to have beyond the pen as the flagship to help others to create a one-stop shop for authors to come in, gift funding, get a direct, uh, contact with the people like copywriters, editors, ghostwriters, whatever the case may need. And other podcasters as well to get their voices out there. That's the dream. Don't know when it's gonna happen, but God willing, it's gonna happen and I'm manifesting it now. But until that point, I'm always looking to talk to other publishers,


Maccabee (00:08:55) - Get to know them, get to know their people, start to create these partnerships, find sponsors to help, help to, uh, create something here with us to collaborate with Grammarly. I'm always looking at Grammarly and other, uh, other beneficial relationships that have to do with the publishing world. Whatever the case may be. I want to be able to create something that people will love and inspire them and educate them. That's why I have the three E's. I gotta be entertaining. That's a given. But I also want to educate and encourage people as well. And that's why I ask the questions I ask because I want them to be able to inspire you and to see, oh, I never thought about that. Thank you, Mr. Or Mrs. Author, because you are the next generation of storytellers. You are the authors and the readers and the book lovers that I truly enjoy interacting with.


Maccabee (00:09:59) - And I hope that at some point you will say the same thing to me too. So I'm gonna get off of here. I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of tidbits of things here and there, the podcasters, other literary podcasters are looking for, and to also tell you what's going on in the next couple of weeks. So just keep in mind that I am not gone. I'm just taking a break, uh, for right now and getting those other podcasts edited and up and running and ready to go for you there. Plus also on Traverse tv. So until that point, I hope you guys have a wonderful week. I love you all. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this old man, sit down and just give you a little bit of insight into his own life while giving you a little tidbit here and there. And, uh, here's my quote for the day. That one day when you're gonna start writing your book or whatever you're gonna be doing is day one today. God bless you all, and I'll see you when I see you.