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Beyond the Pen
Dec. 6, 2022

Exploring the Philosophy and Themes of Douglas Robbins' "The Cloaked Deception"

Exploring the Philosophy and Themes of Douglas Robbins'
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In This Episode

Dive into an alternate reality filled with emotional depth and twisting adventure as we explore Douglas Robbins' latest novel, Narican: The Cloaked Deception, a story of a young man's fight to protect Earth from the Toxic Whisperers. This unique blend of science-fiction, fantasy, philosophy, mysticism, and more delves into themes of human nature, good vs. evil, and the justification of destruction. Join us as we discuss everything from Oppenheimer's justification of the Atomic Bomb, Science, and Religion vs. The Unknown, to Psychological Representation and the darker side of Generational Trauma. Don't miss out on this thought-provoking and thrilling journey on 'Beyond the Pen.'

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Douglas Robbins


Douglas Robbins began his writing career at a young age when one of his teachers asked the class to write a poem. At that moment, he found a power in words he'd never seen anywhere else.

Robbins grew up, attended college, and held jobs in numerous fields, from construction to insurance. The jobs changed, but his need to write remained a constant. According to Robbins, "As time passed, I started to write more seriously because it was the only profession that made sense. It wasn't so much a career move. It was a move out of necessity."

He released his first novel, The Reluctant Human, in 2012. He quickly followed it up with the novella Max Johnny and a book of short stories, Leaves Piled High.

In 2019 he released Narican: The Cloaked Deception, his first book in this sci-fi series.

Love in a Dying Town: The story of a single father struggling to raise his daughter in a dying factory town. It is a story about love, commitment, and sacrifice. It was due in 2021. In 2022 we should see the second and third books in the Narican series. Robbins lives with his wife and family in the Catskill Mountains of New York.