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Beyond the Pen

What Do Donations Help With?

Our Mission...

     Is to provide a stepping stone for all of our guest authors, but to also give our listeners a better audio product while we continue to grow the BTP Community. And to do that, we rely on donations from those who believe that every story is unique and important enough to touch the lives of those who are willing to listen.

Why You Should Donate

     Donations from our growing community of worldwide listeners provides us more opportunities to establish and legitimize our podcast as the place to find the real story behind your favorite books and authors. We're always looking to partner and create affiliations with companies and organizations that provide a service to the future of the literary world. That's why every episode is filled with great authors, new products or services from our sponsors, and bringing experts within the publishing world to inspire you. Every donation also provides us with the financial freedom to pay for programs such as these that help give you the best listening product out there today for listeners within the audience; but it also allows us to be more inclusive of book lovers and storytellers that are within the hearing impaired community.

  • Audiogram and Canva - To help market the podcast on our social media links
  • Descript - To transcribe every episode for those hearing impaired and those dealing with ADD/ADHD
  • Podpage - To inform and educate people about our guest authors and their books through our website
  • Streamyard - To record and store every episode
  • PodMatch - To find and schedule new guests
  • Epidemic - To secure music for the podcast.

Our Promise

     We promise that every donation, no matter how big or small, will always go directly into the shows budget so that we may provide you with a podcast that you're willing to donate your hard-earned money for. This is a vowel that Marccella and I will uphold until the very end. If there is any change to this promise, we will always let you know about it before we even act upon it. We want to be as transparent with you as you are with us.

To the Future

Let's continue to help these unknown and newly published authors have the chance to be the next literary icons in their genres and inspire the next generation of readers and writers to tell their stories. Use the Buy Me A Coffee link below to donate to our mission and help us reach as many people as possible. So, as I always say on the podcast...

Keep Writing, Keep Inspiring and Keep Sharing as

WE go Beyond the Pen.

Thank You