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Beyond the Pen

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Above and beyond!

Welcoming podcast where you can take a deep dive into the journey that authors took to write amazing stories.

Amazing Hosts!

Love this Podcast!

Great show!

This is a great show. Very informative and I found myself wanting to binge more. This kind of show informs, entertains, and changes the world.

Alice McVeigh

Very interesting. I like the way the moderator let the author speak without interrupting her, as so many of them do. It really gave the author a chance to explain herself. I enjoyed the interview.


I enjoyed the interview with Sandy Joy Weston. I liked the question you asked about how she moved from dance to fitness to mental health. People move through various interests in life, and we find that one thing often leads to another unplanned interest. Therefore, I appreciate that you highlighted that. Thanks for this podcast episode!

Witches, Kirstein and Doyle

This is the 1st podcast I've listened to with these broadcasters, and it interested me to hear the issues they had reading the book. Clearly, they came to it with preconceptions based on their own experiences of USA small-town life, community, and procedures. This led them to question aspects of Doyle life, which I, as a Brit, just accepted as part of these strange towns that exist in North America but don't in England, especially as I live in London and have never lived in anything other than a city. And family life for me was very different, and I never watched the same TV shows, so it was all new to me. I have read some of most of Kirsten's series and enjoy them all - with a gargoyle too.

Truth about Tommy Keane

Hosts were fun and welcoming, great fun interview! I am now a fan!

Love it!

Great hosts, good questions lively conversations !!

There's More to the Story

I love how Maccabee and Marccella help listeners see the story behind the story. Excellent podcast!

The Real Deal!

I love this Podcast because Maccabee actually reads the authors books prior to the interview. This allows for a totally transparent and constructive conversation. He and Marcella are always looking at ways to get better and bring on influential guests! Highly recommend!

Thorough and Thought-Provoking

This podcast truly goes “beyond the pen.” I enjoy the Q

Great new podcast

Fun opportunity to hear behind the scenes info in the book industry

Great Exposure!

I loved that you were able to get some details about each of the author with the limited amount of time you spent with each. This is excellent exposure for local authors. Thanks for the opportunity.


These hosts ask the best questions and have a wonderful format for interviewing guests. It was a pleasure being invited to speak on an episode and I look forward to hearing more episodes in the future.

Love the Conversational Style!

Maccabee and Marccella are a dynamic duo! Their interview style allows for a free flow to occur. I felt like I sat down with our coffees on the porch to discuss life, it’s tribulations and triumphs! For anyone looking to be interviewed on Podcasts, this one is a must do! Their questions are well-thought out and insightful! They will pull out the best you have to offer!

Loved it

I loved everything about this podcast. The host are super cool and very down to earth. They made me feel right at home as if I was having a conversation with two old friends. They asked great questions that drew the heart of my story out. Thank you for being so relaxed and asking the right questions. In addition, because of the many platforms they are on, this provided great exposure. Thank you

Loved Every Minute of it!

I had a really great time on the show. I knew this was going to be an enjoyable time because within the first five seconds with Maccabee and Marccella they had me laughing hysterically. They made me feel like I was right at home having a conversation with two old friends. I felt completely comfortable. The questions they asked made your story come to life. They are definitely a great team. In addition, due to the many platforms they are registered with, it offers great exposure. Thank you Maccabee and Marccella for a great time and exposure.

Amazing hosts, fun podcast!

I really enjoy listening to these hosts because they do exactly what the name says, they take the listener beyond the words the author wrote on the page. I had the privilege to be a guest and was pleasantly surprised how I was challenged to dig into the backstory of my book. Amazing podcast!

They did a great job and were very welcoming

I thought the podcast was great. The way the questions they asked helped bring out the true meaning of the points I was trying get across in my book. They make a great team!

Time flies when you’re having fun

Hanging out with Maccabee and Marccella was the funnest two hours of my Saturday. It felt like we were long time friends just hanging a social conversation discussing life. They made the podcast so entertaining and enjoyable. They certainly are a dynamic duo. I look forward to hearing about their growth and success.

Chalice: The Book of Life

The podcast was amazing. I was so happy to hear someone else's perspective of the book. Plus, I was happy to explain the book as well as the characters. I hope we can do it again.

Great energy

I think it is on its way to amazing vibes . Great work so far !

Beyond the interview

I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. It was a very relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Mccabee and Marccella are wonderful hosts. It was more like sitting amongst friends, having a heart to heart conversation. Thank you for having me as a guest. I appreciate the connections.

Love the energy!!

The hosts of this podcast are so much fun. You would think they had known each other since pre-school. My favorite part of the show is when they catch the author off guard with one of their questions. They don't ask the same tired questions every other interviewer asks. I had the privilege of being a guest on their show and it was such an easy interview. The questions caused me to really think about what I wanted to say, and the hosts were genuinely engaged. Made it an easy interview. I do listen weekly. It is one of my 'must listen to' podcasts, right up there with Jon Acuff. Really a great podcast to discover a new book or a new book to recommend to a friend!

Great Vibes

I had the chance to not only listen to the show but also be a guest! And it was a great experience. Flowed really well with the conversation. Thank you for having me on! Much love

Great exposure

My podcast interview with Maccabee on Beyond the Pen was a great opportunity because it gave me much more exposure as an author. The show was professional and fun and very comfortable. Maccabee had relevant questions that helped me really bring my story out.

Had a great time!

Thank you Maccabee and Marrcella for a wonderful chat on a topic that I'm super passionate about. I appreciate your willingness to help other people and I'm believing God will bless the both of you in this endeavor. Many blessings, Heather the Hygienist

Great hosts!

Love the show! Interviews are from a great perspective and show preparedness and thought.

Real and relatable conversations

I love how thoughtful and informed the host was during the episode I listened to. The author had children on the spectrum and the host handled the conversation with care but also kept it interesting. My only complaint is that I wish the episode went longer. Time really flew as I was listening.

Amazing Podcast With Amazing Mission

I love listening to Maccabbe and Marccella as they highlight the works of amazing authors. This is a great podcast for book lovers and authors alike! I highly recommend this podocast!