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Beyond the Pen
Aug. 2, 2022

From Childhood Dreams to Adult Realities: Navigating Life's Changes with Author Carrie Schmidt

From Childhood Dreams to Adult Realities: Navigating Life's Changes with Author Carrie Schmidt
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In this Episode...

Join us on Beyond the Pen as we delve into the transformative power of self-discovery and personal growth. We'll be exploring how life can change our thinking, goals, and lifelong dreams and how we can sometimes get stuck in the opinions of others. But have no fear; author Carrie Schmidt is here to guide us on our journey back to our true selves. With her new book Behind the Screen - Uncover the Truth, Carrie shares her spiritual journey and how it led her to develop a program that helps us connect with our power, passion, and purpose. So, come along with us as we take an inspiring and insightful journey Beyond the Pen with Carrie Schmidt.

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Maccabee: [00:00:00] Hello, everyone. We are back.

Marccella: Hi Mack

Maccabee: Again

Marccella: Again

Maccabee: Again. So this one's gonna be interesting for you just because, well, I think we need to have a coach that's going to at least try to change some of those crazy behaviors of yours cuz you know,

Marccella: That's not going to happen.

Maccabee: Dang it. I was hoping. So anyways, well, today we are going to be talking to a young lady who is a certified life mastery consultant, the founder and CEO of Infinite Soulutions, LLC. She has been on some spiritual journeys that have helped her to develop and research the fundamentals of psychology, neuroscience, and, you're gonna love this, quantum physics.

Marccella: My favorite subject.

Maccabee: Yeah, I know you're kind of up there anyways. Without [00:01:00] further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you miss Carrie Schmidt. Carrie, thank you for being on the...

Carrie: Hi Maccabee. Hi Marcella. I'm excited to be here with you today.

Maccabee: So, before we get too much into this, because I really want people to really understand. As much as this is possible, because there's a lot, there's a lot that you go. Like I said, you go down some rabbit holes, but first and foremost, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself. And most importantly, something that we can't find on the internet about you.

Carrie: Okay, I'll start with the something you can't find on the internet about me is I was carjacked in Memphis on a job interview when I was traveling out of town. So that was pretty crazy. I am a single mother. I've raised my son on my own since he was born. He's now 15 years old. [00:02:00] He's amazing. And I call my angel baby. And I have, I used to run a hundred million manufacturing facility in the Pittsburgh area and I left corporate America to kind of pursue my passion.

And my vision is to really reach, reach, teach, and transform millions of lives by helping raise human consciousness and mental health awareness. Because I believe mental health is the most important health we can have and most of us are a bunch of supercomputers walking around on autopilot.

So we need to become aware of the power that we hold, harness that power and really transform our lives to have a ripple effect in the universe and make this world a better place.

Maccabee: And you know what? I agree completely on that because there are so many things that we can do by just learning about one another, but we can learn just about ourselves. I did have one real big question in regards [00:03:00] to the dedication, because I thought it was really interesting how you expressed it to your son Cason. Is that correct?

Carrie: Yes.

Maccabee: You know, there's a lot of things when it comes to dedications and of course the Forwards and everything that we have about family and friends that have helped us. But can we talk about how he became and you put it as this,"You are my Ray of light in the seemingly dark world. You are by awakening to love Love's presence, your birth awakened my soul." Now as a father, I understand how our children can awakemany things in us. But in this case, it feels like there's some more specific things that he did to change something in you. So what was it and does it still affect you to this day on your mission?

Carrie: Yeah, absolutely. Before my son was born, I was on a dark path. I [00:04:00] was I had, I had went through a lot of emotional roller coasters, you know, as a young girl and as a teenager relationship issues, you know, as young women, I think we need to find our value and our place in the world, but I was just on a dark path and I believe that God planted the seed in me.

 When I needed it most. And if it wasn't for my son, I probably would've ended up in jail or be dead by now. So he really just, I mean, I say in the book, you know, when I held him for the first time, it was like the lights came on in a dark stadium, you know, it was just like, wow, there's so much more to life than just me and my problems and my struggles, you know, I have this.

Being to care for and take care of. And so that just, it shifted my whole perspective on life. And I, you know, I quit doing anything that I was doing bad before, and [00:05:00] I really was able to transform my life. And it it's just been an amazing journey.

Maccabee: Now I can definitely understand on that because like I said, I'm a father, Marcella is a mother.

We have. All gone through some dark parts of our life. You know, I was a veteran, I've been blown up a few times. I've went through hell and high water. Marcella's got her own story and the things that she's been through as well. And there was something that you said in, in there about Just how the programming that we have when we are born, there there's so much there, but over time we start to, add a few things here and there, as well as, updates to the programming that may not be the best

Carrie: mm-hmm

Maccabee: But it still impacts our, our life in some way, shape or form.

Carrie: Right.

Maccabee: And one of the things I really wanted to ask you is because again you don't stick to just [00:06:00] a certain science in this. You go in so many different ways,

Carrie: right

Maccabee: besides cuz most people, when they're a life coach, they deal mostly with psychology or biology, depending on what type of coaching they're doing, especially in business and stuff like that.

Carrie: Mm-hmm

Maccabee: but you went down some. Some different ways. You I'm talking about quantum physics, neuroscience, string theory. And of course some other universal laws.

Carrie: Mm-hmm ,

Maccabee: but what drove you to look into these other sciences instead of just sticking with the psychology and biology, like many others?


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Carrie SchmidtProfile Photo

Carrie Schmidt

Author/Founder & CEO of Infinite SOULutions, LLC

Carrie Schmidt puts the SOUL in SOULutions by transforming lives personally and professionally.

She is a dynamic, influential Thought Leader and Motivational Speaker who has the ability to instantly captivate your mind, motivate your heart, and awaken your soul by empowering you to gain clarity on your purpose, overcome limiting beliefs, and have the confidence to go outside your comfort zone.

She customizes her approach to each client’s needs and teaches the tools required to actually transform their personal or professional goals into reality. ​

Everything depends upon your perspective within your Life Timeline.

Carrie L. Schmidt

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Carrie teaches a structured system of transformation that has helped her transform her own life and now has a significant impact on others' lives. As a single mom at age 25 on welfare and barely making it by, Carrie vowed to provide the best life for her son. She entered corporate America working an entry level position in Customer Service and swiftly climbed the ladder in management by showcasing her talents for problem solving, teambuilding, and conscious leadership. After 10 years of dedicated hard work, Carrie assumed full P&L responsibility for a $100 million unionized manufacturing facility as General Manager. Within 3 months of being promoted to this position and being a woman in a mostly male-dominated industry, she led the team to record breaking improvements.

After achieving everything she ever worked for, Carrie still felt a longing for something greater. She embarked on a spiritual journey of personal discovery and development that led her to research the fundamentals of psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics. She ventured to Los Angeles and studied under Mary Morrissey at the LifeMastery Institute to become a Certified Life Mastery Consultant. It became her passion to help raise human consciousness and teach what she learned as an adult to teens and young adults who need to understand the power of the mind.

Now, considered an Enterprise Change Agent and Transformational Life & Business Success Coach, Carrie offers life coaching programs, business consulting services, and is releasing her first book, Behind the Screen, which teaches the 7-Step Life Timeline System of Transformation.

Her vision is to reach, teach, and transform over 1 million lives globally by helping raise human consciousness and mental health awareness.