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Beyond the Pen
Feb. 18, 2022

How Blessed Are You?

How Blessed Are You?
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Ericka's story is one of many women, and men, in the world that deal with domestic violence daily. She is a mother, grandmother, minister, educator, and jewelry consultant that wanted to share her life experiences with the world. And we all know how priceless gems of wisdom can be, so I'm glad we have a consultant here to help us out. Because I believe her story today will help minister some healing to someone in our audience 

DISCLAIMER: We are again talking about a sensitive subject that hits close to our personal lives but feel that to help people find their own lives, we need to be open about our own. We also discuss how her faith helped her fight through her many failed relationships and how she finally found someone who really did love her from the beginning to the end. So join us as we go Beyond the Pen with guest author Ericka Whittington-Caldwell and her book Broken but Blessed. After the episode, head over to Amazon.com and get your copy TODAY!!!

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