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Beyond the Pen
Feb. 18, 2022

How Are You Leading People?

How Are You Leading People?
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   Dr. Leroy McKenzie Jr. is an authorpreneur, speaker, business consultant, and President/CEO of JNF Enterprise who wrote The Art of Leadership. In this episode, we discuss how leadership in the 21st century has some challenges in front of it. From the family to the church, leadership is being pushed to the limit these days. We also talk about the three types of leadership there is today and the different perspectives and help the leaders of today discover why they are leaders and how they can best lead. If you'd like to learn more either about Dr. Leroy McKenzie Jr. or his book The Art of Leadership, give it a listen and tell us what you think.

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Dr. Leroy McKenzie Jr.Profile Photo

Dr. Leroy McKenzie Jr.

Author/President/CEO of JNF Enterprises

Dr. Leroy C. McKenzie Jr. is the President/CEO of JNF Enterprises, which is a Distribution, Publishing, and Business Consulting Firm located in Baltimore, Maryland. His mission is to assist Entrepreneurs grow their business and brand by using his Brand U Development 7 Strategies for Fundamental Branding program and other 21st century processes. This program assist entrepreneurs and businesses to gain mainstream exposure using 21st century techniques and tools. He is the author of 10 Books, three of which are apart of his BUILDING THE 21ST CENTURY COMPANY BOOK SERIES, THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT, YOUNG AND GIFTED, THE NEW GENERATION OF ENTERPRENEURSHIP AND THE ART OF LEADERSHIP. This series assist businesses and organizations in their customer service development, Branding strategies, Empowerment realization and Process Creation. He seeks to provide emerging businesses with the tools that they need in order to take their brand and their businesses to their next level. His motto is: “Build the Impact, because when you build impact you change the world.”