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Tonya Eberhart

Autor / Speaker / Founder

Tonya Eberhart is an international bestselling author, speaker, podcaster, and founder of BrandFace. This global branding firm helps coaches & creators build profitable personal brands to change how they’re seen and charge what they’re worth.

She grew up in Dawsonville, a small North Georgia town best known for making moonshine and fueling the racing industry. This humble upbringing provided a curiosity for people from all walks of life and their choices. Which ultimately determines their destiny.

Tonya’s first published book was a collaboration with her daughter, Kati Eberhart, called Kati’s Journey (One Teen’s Journey to Japan), the first interactive book written by a U.S. teen. It shares Kati’s passion for Asian culture and chronicles their trip to Japan in 2012, featuring accounts from both mother and daughter.

She has also authored four books on personal branding designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs focus on their point of differentiation so they can stand out, out-market, and out-sell their competition.

Her sixth book, The Raising of a Rebel, is a memoir of her father, Gene Odom. It’s a story of his heartbreaking struggles and the effects of his upbringing as a child of alcoholics.

Her favorite statement is, “A great brand doesn’t just change the way others see you. It changes the way you see yourself.”

The Raising of a Rebel: Overcoming Addiction, Finding Wisdom, and Inspiring Others with Author and BrandFace Founder, Tonya Eberhart
March 21, 2023

The Raising of a Rebel: Overcoming Addiction, Finding Wisdom, and Ins…

In this episode of Beyond the Pen, Host Maccabee Griffin sits down with BrandFace founder and author Tonya Eberhart about her father's memoir "The Raising of a Rebel: 12 Turning Points from a Child of Alcoholics. They discuss the impact …

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