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Kaitlyn Legaspi


Kaitlyn Legaspi is the self-published author of the Dark Irregular Trilogy, a young adult fantasy trilogy she wrote in middle school. Writing passionately daily, she plans on adding more to her repertoire shortly. Now a University of Florida graduate, in addition to writing, Kaitlyn enjoys singing, trying new recipes, and reading whatever has caught her interest. Currently, she is working on publishing the third book of her Card Holders series, Final Loss.

Jan. 10, 2023

How Anime and a Deck of Cards Inspired a Dystopian World with Author …

In this episode of Beyond the Pen, we sit with guest author Kaitlyn Legaspi, the mastermind and Queen of Hearts behind the bestselling series Red Blood - The Card Holders Book 1. Kaitlyn takes us on a journey through her …

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