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Judy M. BakerProfile Photo

Judy M. Baker

Book Marketing Mentor

Book Marketing Mentor Judy M. Baker helps nonfiction authors transform dormant books into a goldmine of more clients, visibility, income, and business opportunities.
A diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2013 changed her life. She intuitively began applying resilience and tenacity, essential to navigating treatment and recovery, to supporting authors. She developed her signature method for relaunching books based on what she learned when rebooting her life and business. 
Judy's workshops and one-to-one mentoring have helped hundreds of authors build awareness about themselves, their books, and their businesses since 2011.  
She self-published her first book at 16 after learning to set type and run an offset press. She is working on three books: 1) a memoir with healthy recipes, 2) an author's guide to creating a sustainable marketing garden, and 3) a poetry chapbook.
Judy is President of Redwood Writers, the biggest chapter of the California Writers Clubs, and past president of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. Her leadership style encourages team building and collaboration.
A small flock of chickens provides entertainment and fresh eggs in her Sonoma creekside backyard. A lush raised-bed vegetable garden, her husband's low-fat epicurean cooking, and regular physical exercise contribute to Judy's energy and clarity, which are keys to a healthy lifestyle.

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