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Gwen Tolios

Author/ Advocate

Office Bio: After bouncing around the world, Gwen Tolios has settled in Chicago to write and coax her cat into cuddles. A magical ace unicorn, she writes short stories and novels with a bittersweet touch for anyone who likes to read.

Extra info for the show: Returning to You is my own voice - meaning that I do share the identity of a few of my characters, namely biromantic and asexual. I'd put this under the 'lifestyle' credential checklist.

Nov. 15, 2022

Breaking Bread and Breaking the Mold: Navigating Dinner Table Questio…

In This Episode In this episode of Beyond the Pen, we explore the often awkward and uncomfortable conversations that can occur at family dinners. We'll dive into the experiences of single-adult children bombarded with questio...

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