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Aruna M LeporeProfile Photo

Aruna M Lepore

Author/ Illustrator/ Speaker

An MBA graduate, I was born into an entrepreneurial family on the island of Trinidad (and Tobago). I moved to the US when I was married and began a family. Once motherhood took hold, I embraced it full-time, putting aside the corporate facet of my life. I used every incredible value bestowed on me by my mother to become the best mother I could be to my children. I try to teach them, through example, the importance of empathy, compassion, sacrifice, and unconditional love. I used those values to create stories, one of which was published, has been receiving fantastic feedback and reviews, and has won 3 book awards (The Creative Child Magazine 2022 Book of the Year Award, the Purple Dragonfly Book Award, and the Wishing Shelf Red Ribbon Book Award). I have since become a nursery school assistant teacher and work at an elementary school as a substitute teacher, staying close to my audience. My firm conviction in the benefits of teaching young children empathy, coupled with the values I learned from a strong mother, has allowed me to be a successful author, creating the type of story that is meant to allow the very young reader or listener to feel emotion. This is my goal.

Nov. 22, 2022

Empowering Empathy: How Peanut the Penguin Teaches Children to Care w…

In This Episode of Beyond the Pen We dive into the importance of teaching empathy to our children at a young age. Our guest, Aruna M. Lepore, is a children's author who has created a powerful tool for parents and …

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