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Beyond the Pen
April 26, 2022

Fictional Satire Meets Reality

Fictional Satire Meets Reality
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How fictional can a satire be before it blends into the reality of the truth? History has given us great works of fiction that prove this like Don Quixote, Catch-22, Animal Farm, 1982, etc. Well, we're about to add another one to the list for you with Tracy Auerbach's The Sin Soldiers of The Fragment's Series - Book One. Her series touches on the idea of the Science Council using chemically induced soldiers as play toys to keep a tyrannical clutch on the people to keep them in line. What's the reasoning? Is it for the good of the many or the good of the few? And who do you fight: the soldiers, the handlers, or the people high above calling the shots? Makes you wonder, huh.

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