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Beyond the Pen
Aug. 9, 2022

Cracking the Code: Exploring the World of The Good Eggs with Guest Author Sandy Ciaramitaro

Cracking the Code: Exploring the World of The Good Eggs with Guest Author Sandy Ciaramitaro
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In this Episode...

Join us on Beyond the Pen as we dive into the world of "The Good Eggs" with author Sandy Ciaramitaro. Discover the power of SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) and how it shapes the future of education. Immerse yourself in the egg-centric mannerisms and virtuous calendar layout that make "The Good Eggs" series so unique. Plus, learn about the Good Eggs Foundation and how it is making a positive impact on communities. This episode is not just about books; it's about the power of kindness and creating a better world for our children. Don't miss out on this enlightening and inspiring conversation!

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Hello, Ella. Hi Mac. How are you today? I know it's been a busy week for you. 

Busy, busy. I'm fabulous as always. 

Yeah. Yeah, I know. Anyways. All right, so I'm not gonna mess with you too much today, so 

Thank you. Thank you. 

For once. Uh  

Should we tell everybody why?

Because we got a really special guest today. 

We do. 

Other than that.

Author Introduction

We have an amazing guest. Yeah. 

Yes. She is one that really puts all of her eggs in one basket. That's for sure. So our next guest is, like I said, a really good egg and I don't mean that in anything other than a play on words. But at honest to God, she really is. She has not only written a series of books entitled The Good Eggs, but she's also founded and is the President of a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization by the same name, The Good Eggs Foundation and we'll have her tell us more about that a little bit later. She holds a master's of arts degree from the University of Detroit Mercy. Has taught morality, ethics and social justice courses at a private high school in Michigan. In addition to her teaching career, she's also taught, developed and implemented programs and curricula focused on helping children realize the importance of living a arti... I can't say this word, art... it's gonna be one of those I know. Altruistic... 


Lives. Altruistic lives. 


[Heavy Sigh] Yes, mother. Centered around love. Okay. And you'll love this too, is that part of the net proceeds from all of her book sales, actually go directly back into the foundation to help more people and organizations create a better generation of good eggs. So ladies and gentlemen, without further due, I give you the Edgar herself, Miss Sandy Ciaramitaro. Sandy, welcome to the show.

Hello, Marccella, I really appreciate you having me on your show. I was looking forward to this all week.

 Please go ahead. And I know I've said a few things about you, but please introduce yourself to our audience, but most importantly, tell us something, if you're willing, to share something that we can't find about you on the internet. 

Okay. So, well, you did sum up a lot of it, but I'm Sandy Ciaramitaro and I have, uh, written the children's books. I wrote the books for elementary school kids, but I actually teach high school. I teach at an all girls school in Michigan, it's great fun. And you know, I've just journeyed. I have three children on my own that are grown and I've just been pouring my whole heart and soul into this project. And I'm really excited to see where it goes. So I've been thinking about that question, that one thing that you wouldn't know about me on the internet and I beep when I go through a metal detector, why? 

Ooh, why?

I, I, you know, there's so many reasons why I could possibly say some people it's just merely I just wanna beep when I go walking through it.


But I I'm presuming that there's another beep reason why. So go ahead. Why do you beep when you go through? 

Mack beeps, when he backs up.  

I knew I was gonna walk into that one with her. I knew I was gonna..

You're gonna back up into that one. Um, I have two titanium hips.

I am not far behind you on that one. I've already had two hip surgeries..


So I definitely understand that. 

Yeah. So that was a lot to go through. I did one, one summer and one the next summer. And woo 

Sandy, you should totally tell everybody that they're Adamantium.  

That's what I was saying, like bionic woman, right. I have have these hips, but what a difference I'll tell you. So..

Yeah, I definitely, I definitely understood the difference between before my surgeries and after. I just had labor room tears and they just had to put anchors in there for me. 

Oh, okay. 

What is SEL?

Yeah, but they're about this close of getting to where I'm gonna have to have just more hip surgeries. Yeah, [mm-hmm] but I wanna talk about something different because obviously someone who deals with the foundation and what it does, and again, we'll talk about that later. The genre that you have actually written for is something that not a lot people know about. They don't know what SEL is. If I'm correct, the first book in your series deals with self-awareness if I'm correct on that. 

Mm-hmm, very basic. 

Yay. I got one, right. Gold Star to me. All right. Because when I was doing my research into SEL genre, I was amazed at the variety of creative ways that have enveloped these competencies within these books. Obviously because of your foundation, I wanted to ask you if you could explain to our audience what the SEL genre covers and how you've embraced it within your book series. 


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Sandy CiaramitaroProfile Photo

Sandy Ciaramitaro

Author and Founder of The Good Eggs Foundation

S. Ciaramitaro (Sandy) holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Detroit Mercy and has taught morality, ethics, and social justice courses at a private high school in Michigan. In addition to her teaching career, she has taught, developed, and implemented programs and curricula that are focused on helping children realize the importance of living altruistic lives centered on love. The Good Eggs series is her contribution to supporting children as they learn about virtues, diversity, and service – essential concepts to integrate into their lives as they grow into Good Eggs!