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Beyond the Pen
March 28, 2023

Exploring the Journeys of Emerging Authors and the Importance of Libraries

Exploring the Journeys of Emerging Authors and the Importance of Libraries

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Beyond the Pen, the podcast that entertains, educates, and encourages our listeners. Today's episode takes place at the Hamilton East Public Library in Indianapolis, where we'll explore the journeys of emerging authors and provide valuable insights and advice from experts in the publishing world.

Joining us today are Danielle Acton, the Adult Engagement Coordinator at the library, and Joseph Wooley, the Acquisitions Librarian. Danielle leads the planning and providing of events and classes geared toward adult audiences, while Joseph is responsible for evaluating and selecting adult materials for the library's collection.

We start by discussing the process of submitting a book for consideration in the library's collection. Joseph explains that physical books are the easiest to submit and that donations are evaluated against the library's collection development policy and criteria. Danielle emphasizes the importance of local authors being involved in the library's programming and mentions the upcoming local author fair, which provides a platform for local authors to showcase their work.

But that's not all! We also dive into the value of having books in the library's collection, as it provides free access to titles and can increase circulation. We discuss the importance of professional reviews in the industry, such as those from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, but acknowledge that they may not be accessible to everyone. We also mention the value of independent reviews and the role of online platforms like Amazon and Goodreads.

Moving on to the creative aspect of the episode, we ask what a new author needs to research before submitting their book to the library. Joseph explains that the library does most of the research itself to ensure the book meets its selection criteria. The author just needs to have an open and personal conversation with one of the librarians to show their passion for their book.

And let's not forget the upcoming local author fair, featuring over 60 local authors and literary organizations. Danielle encourages attendees to talk to the authors about their writing journeys and purchase their books.

We conclude with a reminder to visit your local library, talk to your librarians, and continue writing and sharing your stories. Don't forget to attend the local author fair and stay connected with the podcast through social media and the website.

So keep writing, inspiring, and sharing as you go Beyond the Pen!

Maccabee Griffin
Host of Beyond the Pen