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Beyond the Pen

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Discover fascinating conversations with industry leaders, innovators, and thought-provokers as they share their knowledge and experiences on various subjects.
5 Ways César Millán's Principles of Discipline and Leadership Can Help You Overcome Writing Obstacles

      I was privileged to conduct insightful interviews with a remarkable group of individuals at the recently concluded VEECON event hosted at the esteemed Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Among these distinguished guests …

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Hey there, book lovers! In this episode of "Beyond the Pen," I had the pleasure of speaking with Judy M. Baker, a book marketing mentor, and author who has transformed her experience battling ovarian cancer into a profound appreciation for happines…

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** 5 Tips for Local Authors to Get Their Book in the Library Collection **

     Are you a local author looking to get your book into the library collection? Look no further! Here are five tips from the experts at the Hamilton East Public Library: Submit a physical copy of your book: While e-books are conv…

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