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Beyond the Pen
April 11, 2023

Book Marketing Strategies: Insights and Tips from Judy M. Baker

Hey there, book lovers!

In this episode of "Beyond the Pen," I had the pleasure of speaking with Judy M. Baker, a book marketing mentor, and author who has transformed her experience battling ovarian cancer into a profound appreciation for happiness and wellness. We discussed book marketing strategies, identifying ideal reader demographics, and our love for books and the publishing industry.

Judy's lifelong love for books started when she would visit the library with her dad three times a week as a child. She has worked as a graphic designer, writing poetry, nonfiction, and magical realism. She even knows how to typeset using a ver type machine! 

Moving on to book marketing strategies, Judy advised authors to identify their ideal reader demographic by looking at where they are currently showing up and engaging with their audience. She suggested posting questions, conducting surveys, and asking existing clients and prospects about their problems and needs.

Judy emphasized the importance of building and growing an email list to connect with readers and provide ongoing education and solutions. She also highlighted the value of connecting and seeking help from specialists like herself to frame the author's journey and make meaningful connections with their audience.

Judy also shared some valuable insights on book marketing strategies. She emphasized the importance of having an ISBN, a unique identifier for books, and a grabby book title with a descriptive subtitle that includes keywords. She also suggested requesting additional categories for your book on Amazon after publishing, which can help increase visibility.

Overall, Judy's insights provide valuable tips for authors looking to establish themselves as authorities in their field and build a loyal following. In addition, she offers a course to teach authors how to market their books effectively and has some exciting resources on her website.

If you're interested in learning more about book marketing strategies and building a strong brand as an author, check out this episode of "On the Pen" with Judy M. Baker. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our podcast for more exciting interviews with authors and industry experts.

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