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Beyond the Pen
May 21, 2023

5 Ways César Millán's Principles of Discipline and Leadership Can Help You Overcome Writing Obstacles

5 Ways César Millán's Principles of Discipline and Leadership Can Help You Overcome Writing Obstacles

      I was privileged to conduct insightful interviews with a remarkable group of individuals at the recently concluded VEECON event hosted at the esteemed Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Among these distinguished guests was the renowned "Dog Whisperer" himself, César Millán. In an exclusive conversation, I had the opportunity to delve into Millán's thoughts on his book titled "César Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems," as well as how we, as writers, can draw inspiration from our four-legged companions. In addition, Millán eloquently gives us five key principles through which we, as writers, can incorporate disciplinary techniques into our writing journeys.

  1. Make a personal agreement: Just like César emphasizes the importance of making a personal agreement with yourself when working with animals, you can do the same with your writing. Set goals for yourself and hold yourself accountable to them.


  1. Understand yourself: César believes that self-knowledge is key to being disciplined. Take the time to understand yourself from a spiritual, instinctual, emotional, and mental point of view. This will allow you to regulate yourself and avoid being influenced by bad habits or circumstances.


  1. Be honest and loyal: César believes discipline is not about being obsessed but rather about being honest and loyal. Apply this principle to your writing by being honest about where you're struggling and loyal to your writing goals.


  1. Don't give in to writer's block: César responded that he doesn't have one when asked about his writing kryptonite. Instead, apply this principle to your writing by recognizing when you're stuck and pushing through it instead of giving in to writer's block.


  1. Focus on making a positive impact: César's inspiration for writing his book, "César's Way," was to make the world a better place by sharing his perspective and perception of life. Apply this principle to your writing by focusing on making a positive impact with your words.


By applying César Millán's principles of discipline and leadership to your writing journey, you can overcome obstacles and achieve your writing goals. Remember to make a personal agreement, understand yourself, be honest and loyal, don't give in to writer's block, and focus on making a positive impact. Happy writing!