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Beyond the Pen
Feb. 18, 2022

Are You Being YOUR Authentic Self?

Are You Being YOUR Authentic Self?
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   What is it that we've been missing for the past two years? Simple...connection; a true authentic connection. Especially from our leadership at work, government, church, etc. That's where author Kristina Holle comes in with her book The Authentic You: Unleash Your Leadership Potential. During the conversation, we discussed how finding your true authentic self can make a difference in your own life and the lives of those around you. We also find out the inspiration for her journey that led to the publication of this book. So, come along on this authentic journey with us and go Beyond the Pen with Kristina Holle and her book The Authentic You: Unleash Your Leadership Potential. To get your physical copy, head over to Amazon.com TODAY!!!

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Kristina HolleProfile Photo

Kristina Holle

Author/HR and Business Strategist

Kristina is a business leader on strategic and operational HR activities, focusing on employee engagement, talent branding, and driving a culture of wellbeing. She's played a key strategic role in change management initiatives, and created a multi-level approach to attaining employee feedback. Kristina brings extensive experience on succession planning, performance management, labor /employee relations, & transformational change.