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What is Beyond the Pen?

      Beyond the Pen is a LIVE streamed web podcast that gives newly published and unknown authors a platform to tell us about themselves, their book, and the story behind the story. We believe that stories are essential to share with others to help engage and inspire the next generation of storytellers. Our goal is to create a long-lasting community that shares, supports, and improves one another. To give authors that chance at being the next literary icon in their field because everyone deserves to be heard.

     For our audience of readers and literary lovers of the written word, I guarantee that you'll connect with them in some way, shape, or form. I also can ensure that every question is as specific and unique as the author and their book, except for the very last ones asked by my lovely co-host, Marccella. We also guarantee that someone will walk away connecting with the author personally and sometimes emotionally that they never saw coming.

     In the end, stories allow us as a human race to connect and learn from one another, keep us all from repeating history, and instead create a future where everyone benefits. So, remember to keep writing, keep inspiring, and keep sharing as we all go Beyond the Pen.

About the Hosts

Maccabee GriffinProfile Photo

Maccabee Griffin

Host and Voice Actor

After being medically retired from the US Army, I decided to go back to school and get a degree in Supply Chain Management. However, life had a different plan for me, and I left college to work full-time and take care of my family. And then, two years ago, someone told me to stop doing things that leave me unhappy at the end of the day. So while still working a full-time manufacturing job, I began to redevelop my acting skills and start training my voice again to become a voice-over actor. After buying everything I needed for a home studio and creating professional demo reels, I began to audition for various projects and market myself to local and national businesses. Over time I began to build my portfolio and create a bond with clients worldwide. Today I'm a full-time voice-over actor and podcast host who uses his voice and a network of creative specialists to help authors get the audience they genuinely desire. We want everyone, both author and reader, to go Beyond the Pen.

MarccellaProfile Photo


Author / Voice Actress / Entrepreneur/Tarot reader/ Spiritual advisor/

Marccella, a self-proclaimed bookworm, is an advocate for authors and their unique voices. Since learning to read at aged 6, Marccella could be found in the library with her nose in a good book. As an avid reader, Marccella recognized that there was untapped potential in the author community and decidedly made the commitment to creating valuable spaces to have conversations with writers of all genres. 
Marccella united with Maccabee (her brother from another mother), to further her vision of expanding the reach of authors and their audience.  Marccella is a voice-over artist, budding authoress, co-owner of a crystal boutique, and mom to 5 amazing humans.