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Oct. 25, 2022

A Grandfather's Fortune with Author Mary Kendall

A Grandfather's Fortune with Author Mary Kendall

History has a great way of inspiring creativity, especially when our ancestors are the inspiration. Guest author, Mary Kendall, tells us how her grandfather, a lawyer, inspired her to write The Spinster's Fortune. This historically driven fictional tale brings us back to two months before Black Tuesday occurs, sending us into WWII. We'll be discussing everything from generational wealth and how it can tear families apart to how her love of history and architecture influenced how she tells stories. So follow us as we go Beyond the Pen, inspired by a grandfather's tale of fortune and fame.

We Discuss Things LikeAuthors Book Cover

  1. Inspiring Architecture
  2. Historical Research
  3. A Scent of Memories
  4. Generational Estrangements
  5. Breading Wealth
  6. The Golden Age of Storytelling
  7. A House of Pain
  8. Hidden Fortune's
  9. Kernal's of Innovation


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Mary Kendall Profile Photo

Mary Kendall


Mary Kendall lived in old (and haunted) houses growing up, which sparked a lifelong interest in history and storytelling. She earned degrees in history-related fields and worked as a historian for many years. As a result, her fiction writing is heavily influenced by the past, which she believes is never really dead and buried. Fueled by black coffee and a possible sprinkling of Celtic fairy dust, she tends to find inspiration in odd places and sometimes while kneading bread dough. The author resides in Maryland with her family (husband, three kids, barn cat, and the occasional backyard hen), who put up with her mad scribbling at inconvenient hours.

Her debut novel, The Spinster’s Fortune, is a historical mystery. Her second novel, Campbell’s Boy, coming-of-age historical fiction, will be released in November 2022. She is a previous contributor to Darkstroke’s anthologies for charity, with stories included in Dark Paris and Dark New Orleans and one forthcoming in Dark Venice.